PuttOUT Devil Ball 3PK
PuttOUT Devil Ball 3PK
PuttOUT Devil Ball 3PK
PuttOUT Devil Ball 3PK
PuttOUT Devil Ball 3PK
PuttOUT Devil Ball 3PK
PuttOUT Devil Ball 3PK

PuttOUT Devil Ball 3PK

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Master the art of putting with Devil Ball! The flat-edged impact zone gives you instant, exaggerated feedback on your putter face. Only a square face will make Devil Ball roll straight!

With it’s flat-edged impact zone, Devil Ball exaggerates your putter’s face angle for instant, understandable feedback.
  • Up to 90% of a putt's start direction dictated by the face angle delivered. Improving this element of your putting stroke is fundamental to becoming a better putter.
  • With it's flat-edged impact zone, Devil Ball exaggerates the face angle of your putter at impact, helping you train to deliver the putter face back to the ball square
  • If you deliver a closed putter face, Devil Ball will spin off erratically to the left of target. Deliver an open face and it will spin off to the right*
  • Putts from 3-5ft are twice as hard with Devil Ball compared to a regular spherical golf ball. Train hard. Play easy
  • With three levels of difficulty built into each ball - Beginner, Intermediate & Pro - Devil Ball is suitable for golfers with all levels of experience.
  • To make your practice as close to the real thing as possible, Devil Ball is the same size and weight as a regular golf balls

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I'm very happy with my new Pelz Player Putting Mat.

The lines on the mat and drills that Dave has devised really do help to
reenforce proper alignment. I also prefer not putting into an actual
hole so I can work on distance control. It's better to watch the ball
roll over the circle and still stay on the mat. I highly recommend this

Charlie G.

Bigger than most other putting mats and does not develop groove over time due to tight knit

My son and I have enjoyed this product more than we expected!



Best and most affordable putting mat. Quality is superb!

Yuann Y.