The RollBoard
The RollBoard

The RollBoard

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Roll Analysis Board. Perfect loft. Perfect roll.

The RollBoard enables you to dial in your loft for the perfect launch angle, resulting in a consistent roll that maintains its line to the hole. This greatly enhances your distance control and accuracy.

The color-coded side rails assist you in instantly analyzing your putter's launch and roll performance. These rails also frame the target line, promoting a consistent setup at address and aiding in squaring up your putter face at and through impact.

rollboard putting roll and loft analysis

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I'm very happy with my new Pelz Player Putting Mat.

The lines on the mat and drills that Dave has devised really do help to
reenforce proper alignment. I also prefer not putting into an actual
hole so I can work on distance control. It's better to watch the ball
roll over the circle and still stay on the mat. I highly recommend this

Charlie G.

Bigger than most other putting mats and does not develop groove over time due to tight knit

My son and I have enjoyed this product more than we expected!



Best and most affordable putting mat. Quality is superb!

Yuann Y.