PELZ Player Putting Cups
PELZ Player Putting Cups
PELZ Player Putting Cups
Pelz Player Putting Cup
Pelz Player Putting Cup
PELZ Player Putting Cups
PELZ Player Putting Cups

PELZ Player Putting Cups

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PELZ Player Putting Pack with Pro Hole Reducers (2 cups)

The Dave PELZ Player Putting Cup can be used anywhere – both indoors and outdoors, to help improve your putting!

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  • 2 sets of Teacher Putting Cups (regulation 4.25” Dia. Size)
  • 2 sets of Pro hole reducers, attach one on each side of the cup to reduce the hole size to 3.75”
  • 2 sets of Super Pro hole reducers, leaving the Pro reducers in place, add a Super Pro reducer to each side and the cup width is reduced to 3.25” diameter. (WARNING: For Experts Only!)


Use the hole reducers to increase the difficulty level within your own practice sessions for starting your putts on-line, while maintaining good putting speed. Putting to a smaller hole is far superior practice compared to putting to a regulation  sized hole, as it teaches golfers to marry speed and line to find the perfect putt. 

Dave Pelz


Click Here for Pelz Player Putting Cups instructions.

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I'm very happy with my new Pelz Player Putting Mat.

The lines on the mat and drills that Dave has devised really do help to
reenforce proper alignment. I also prefer not putting into an actual
hole so I can work on distance control. It's better to watch the ball
roll over the circle and still stay on the mat. I highly recommend this

Charlie G.

Bigger than most other putting mats and does not develop groove over time due to tight knit

My son and I have enjoyed this product more than we expected!



Best and most affordable putting mat. Quality is superb!

Yuann Y.