Teaming Up with Pelz

Teaming Up with Pelz

Catalyst Golf is proud to team with up the world-renowned expert on the Short Game and Putting - Dave Pelz!

Through this partnership, we will be able to offer products endorsed by Dave to the Canadian golfer.

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Dave PELZ is one of the World’s leading experts on the Short Game and Putting. Dave has taught more than 60 PGA of America Education Seminars and is Founder of the Dave PELZ Scoring Game School ( Consistently ranked among the foremost teachers in the world, Dave Pelz serves as short game coach to many PGA, LPGA, and European TOUR Players, current students including Phil Mickelson and Patrick Reed.

Dave Pelz grew up playing college golf for Indiana University, which is where he formed lifelong friendships with teammates Wayne McDonald, CEO of Catalyst Golf, and Gar Hamilton, Canadian Senior Open Champion. On his college golf career, he is proud to admit he came in second place exactly 22 times to fellow competitor, Jack Nicklaus. 

In 1961, Pelz started a career at NASA as a lead researcher on the Earth's Upper Atmosphere and other planets in the solar system. In 1976, Pelz resigned from NASA to focus on his passion for golf. One of the first to bring scientific study and data analyzation to the game, Dave began his golf career with an analysis of every shot in golf. Dave spent more than three years studying and keeping track of amateurs and professionals on all levels, discovering that the short game made up more than 60% of all golf shots in any given round. Using that knowledge, Dave began to focus his efforts on improving the short game, finding out that the professionals with the best short games were generally the most successful.

Tour Professionals began to flock to Dave and his analytic realizations for lessons, and while simultaneously developing clubs and practice aids, Dave also began to coach some of the best players in the world. A passionate proponent of growing the game, Dave’s expertise was soon brought to the masses in 1999, his book the Short Game Bible becoming a New York Times Best Seller. Since then, Dave has developed the Pelz Scoring Schools, where amateurs can learn the secrets of the short game from the master himself.

Pelz Player Collection

Dave’s new venture, the Pelz Player Collection by Catalyst Golf, has been developed over many years and been tested by the games very best. Dave guarantees that by using the Pelz Player Collection products in your practice routine, you will not only get better at the most important parts of the game, but you will have fun doing it!

View the products in the Pelz Player Collection.

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"The Pelz Player Putting Mat is right up there with the competition. Solid build construction, multiple hole distances, and easy storage are some key benefits. The 10.5 foot length puts the Pelz mat gives you that extra distance for an “at home” mat to really nail down every putt within 10 feet. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to start sharp this offseason or to add to their home or office golf setup."

Gareth Raflewski’s short game training is highly respected and the same programs can be followed by you at home. The Raflewski Tour putting mat is a realistic fit for any home and rolls pure. I can’t stress enough how difficult that is to come across, and especially at an affordable price point. So if you’re looking for a legitimately good quality, useful mat that won’t break the bank, I’m pretty impressed by the Raflewski Tour mat. - Bill Bush, Driving Range Heroes