PuttOUT Starter Studio
PuttOUT Starter Studio
PuttOUT Starter Studio
PuttOUT Starter Studio
PuttOUT Starter Studio
PuttOUT Starter Studio

PuttOUT Starter Studio

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The PuttOUT Starter Studio is an ideal introduction to practicing your putting at home, in the office, or golf studio. This set consists of a Green Medium Mat, and Stone Premium Trainer, allowing you to pick up your putter and work on your putting every day; it is great for building putting confidence or if you need to find the perfect golf gift. 

Medium Putting Mat

Printed with markings up to 6', alignment lines and pace targets, the PuttOUT Putting Mat is designed to give you the opportunity to practice every aspect of your putting game from wherever you feel most comfortable.

Premium Trainer

The key to great putting is practice and with PuttOUT you really can take that practice anywhere. With a scientifically shaped parabolic ramp, each made putt is returned to the player the same distance it would have gone past the hole had it missed, anything else is a miss. Only putts of absolute perfection will hold in the micro-target, so let the practice begin.

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I'm very happy with my new Pelz Player Putting Mat.

The lines on the mat and drills that Dave has devised really do help to
reenforce proper alignment. I also prefer not putting into an actual
hole so I can work on distance control. It's better to watch the ball
roll over the circle and still stay on the mat. I highly recommend this

Charlie G.

Bigger than most other putting mats and does not develop groove over time due to tight knit

My son and I have enjoyed this product more than we expected!



Best and most affordable putting mat. Quality is superb!

Yuann Y.